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“Blessed be childhood, which brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough earthliness.”…Henri Amiel

ImageJanuary and August are the best months to purchase sheets, towels, etc.  These are the “white sales” months and especially good to buy these items for next season’s cottons and summer towels.

I am noticing in the stores, bundles of wash clothes sold in packs of 5-10 pieces. These, of course, are not high thread count clothes but the price is right to be used as napkins for your children.

These clothes are usually smaller in size, less thin in density thus just perfect for their little hands to manage.  It is always more economical to use cloth napkins vs. paper ones and with these, you could gather up a huge supply of many colors. The children could pick their own color for the meal and the the adults could just pop them into the laundry!

Since they are of a smaller size, folding them on laundry day would be a fun experience for you and them  to share .  For the little ones, having each side of the cloth “kiss each other” in folding is great eye-hand coordination skill practice.

Learning and identifying different colors could also be part of the fun.  Not sure one would find these wash cloth packs in high end stores but I definitely have seen them in Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Walmart.

I am a stickler about table manners and etiquette, and using a napkin definitely is the place to start.



  1. You are so grand. Great idea! For extra fancy little remnants of ribbons or a pompon or two would go a long way!

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