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To Brine or Not to Brine, That is the Question

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Finally, we have had a break from the hundred degree temps, and I thought I would grill outdoors today. As I was preparing the brine for the chicken breasts (bone-in is best for grilling,) I thought to share with you the magic of brining. But just what is it?

Basically, it is a meat tenderizing method so simple we all should consider it for pork and chicken meats …it makes them all juicier and tender.

Here’s what I do:

In a NON-METALLIC container (I use the plastic bottom of salad greens container I had purchased,) I wash my meats with cold water, fill the container with cold water, and put in a lot of TABLE SALT – a couple of tablespoons, depending on how much meat is going into the brine.  I don’t use Kosher salt as it makes the meats too salty. Be sure all the salt is dissolved nicely, and in goes the meat for a few hours and not much longer, like over night …too long.

Sometimes, depending on your preferences, you could put into the water garlic cloves and a couple of bay leaves. But I personally don’t recommend sugar, as found in many brining recipes …the meat gets sweet.  Perhaps the only time I would consider sugar is with pork loins that I would be grilling and basting with a BBQ sauce.

When ready to grill, rinse the meats in cold water, pat dry with paper a towel and cook away.  I even do brining with turkey parts, whole chickens, and whole pork loins that will be roasted in the oven …amazing how much juicier they become.

So, be adventuresome.  Go brine and let me know how you like this technique.

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